Newsletter – June, 2015


Hmmmm, wonder what we’ll see during Show & Tell time?

Just a reminder about the challenge quilt due in September. Pick a song with a color in the title. Make a small quilt with all shades, tints, hues of that color adding only ONE complimentary color. Sizes no less than 12 x 12 or larger than 24 x 24….anything in between is acceptable.
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Newsletter – April, 2015


Seeing this picture, from Bing Images, made me think of a possible quilt project. Maybe not as big but same idea. Anyway, went outside today to check on the daffodils AND there is one green half inch sprout! Hope does SPRING eternal! The down side of the snow melting is, we can now see that the granite post really is broken and not just leaning…sigh. Continue reading

Newsletter – March, 2015

It was so good to get together again. Not meeting in February was not good because I think most of us were getting cabin fever big time.

cabin fever

Ok…just thought I’d make a point! Anyway, thank you Anne H. for taking notes to jog my memory. Intentions are good to send the newsletter out right away but alas…I’m late again.

I posed a question for each table to discuss…”What do you think is the most important thing invented for quilting?” All three tables came up with the same answer…rotary cutters. Continue reading