Newsletter – June, 2015


Hmmmm, wonder what we’ll see during Show & Tell time?

Just a reminder about the challenge quilt due in September. Pick a song with a color in the title. Make a small quilt with all shades, tints, hues of that color adding only ONE complimentary color. Sizes no less than 12 x 12 or larger than 24 x 24….anything in between is acceptable.
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Newsletter – April, 2015


Seeing this picture, from Bing Images, made me think of a possible quilt project. Maybe not as big but same idea. Anyway, went outside today to check on the daffodils AND there is one green half inch sprout! Hope does SPRING eternal! The down side of the snow melting is, we can now see that the granite post really is broken and not just leaning…sigh.

The MQX Quilt Show is this week…just click on this to find more info. Also for more information on quilt shows in NH here is that info..NH SHOWS. You might want to bookmark this page for further information.  AND for the video on how to make a bias tube binding.  Here is the formula for making the tube from a square. Don’t let the math scare you…if I can do it ANYONE can! BIAS TUBE TIPS

I forgot to mention at last Saturdays meeting that in May we’ll have a pot luck lunch to celebrate Spring! Kind of our reward for putting up with this Winter. A special thank you to all of you who have provided the pantry with coffee, paper products, etc. We’re way ahead of the coffee/paper game so when things start to run out I’ll send out an SOS…or a CAPP (coffee and paper please). Now on to see the talent in our Happy Scrapper group.



Bonnie with a feathered star…the dark fabric has an iridescent glow.


A “bionic” bag using raincoat fabric. Inside contained many zippered pouches.


Marge S. (birthday of the month) showing a top called “salt water taffy.”


An Elsa & Anna quilt by Anne H. Borders were added and the quilting done on her new machine. *


June S. shocked…I mean showed us four little quilt tops made to give to Share who in turn will give them to small children.

IMG_2424 IMG_2425 IMG_2426 IMG_2427

Anne Y. showed this quilt done in batiks.


This is a BOM from quilted Threads. This was all quilted on her domestic machine! Great job.


Annick showed her challenge “quilt”. She made a dictionary (an actual book). Letters, from selvages, was used for the words. Very clever!!


This is a very striking quilt in green, blue and black by Paula. This quilt will go to a charity.


This quilt is made for Paula’s sister-in-law who is a graphic designer. A beautiful modern quilt that was totally out of the box for Paula.


Tommi made this quilt top for a graduate from New Life. Reds and golds were the young woman’s colors and the black really sets it off beautifully.



Another quilt by Tommi that will be donated to raise money for Altzheimers.

Don’t forget, open studio is on Thursday, April 16 from 10 AM to ? If we run out of studio room there is always the dining room table, kitchen table and sunporch for hand work.

*Anne H. shared an article about her author husband Richard, that was published in the Hooksett Banner. His photo was on the front cover. With Anne’s help Richard wrote up the history of the Palace Theatre in Manchester. On June 25 there will be a 60’s show and the quilt she made will be raffled off then. Money all goes to the NHHH Prostate Cancer Coalition. Made In New Hampshire show is on April 17, 18 and 19 at the Raddison (Center of NH). Richard will be there selling and signing his new book “Miracle at Janet’s Mountain.”


Newsletter – March, 2015

It was so good to get together again. Not meeting in February was not good because I think most of us were getting cabin fever big time.

cabin fever

Ok…just thought I’d make a point! Anyway, thank you Anne H. for taking notes to jog my memory. Intentions are good to send the newsletter out right away but alas…I’m late again.

I posed a question for each table to discuss…”What do you think is the most important thing invented for quilting?” All three tables came up with the same answer…rotary cutters.



OK…SPRING flowers welcomed the Happy Scrappers but lost in all that snow!


Love Snack ‘n Yack time to catch up on ‘stuff”.


Milly’s grandchild…my how blue her eyes are and how tall she is. Oh, she is going to be a big sister to???? Congrats Laura…and husband.


Doris made this placemat/aka table runner for the BFQG guild’s celebration of St. Pat’s day.


Paula showed a tree she made and embellished. Just a beautiful work of art! Thanks Paula and we’re happy you’re a Happy Scrapper.


Scalloped center piece.


Anne finished a Jackie Patton class with two scenes and…


…she finished many quilt tops made with strips.


Sandy’s Minion made for her 45 year old nephew who has a PhD


Here are more of Sandy’s “treasures” of UFO’s

IMG_2361 IMG_2362 IMG_2363 IMG_2364 IMG_2365 IMG_2366 IMG_2367

Sandy has raised the bar for getting projects done…well you have to find them first!

IMG_2368A raffle quilt made by Anne to raise funds for prostrate cancer. Hope it raises lots of $$!


Anne shows a grate way to use up those jelly roll strips. Nice setting.



Creative “piano keys”…and finally an Easter bunny.


Stephanie with light house wall hangings.



Stephanie’s original design of circling fish…most creative.


A black rose design. (P.S. Stephanie is going to remain in the US!)


Annick with scalloped table toppers and they are reversible.


A challenge piece done in monochromatic shades of green. Annick made this as a memorial to the 17 people who were killed in her home country, France…Je Suis Charlie (I am Charlie). The initials of each person are also embroidered on this piece.


Bonnies snowman made in a class and below…a hot iron carrier and small zippered case to hold quilting treasures. She presented this to Milly.



Milly’s school house and trees quilt top.



A quilt top designed by Mb. She has an all season wall where quilts are changed out.



Dee’s knitted afghan made with different designs in each square.

Another great meeting with wonderful people. We will meet again April 4.

Newsletter – January, 2015

As I write this, February 2, 2015, it is snowing as hard as it did a week ago. I think this picture of Jim says a whole lot and…this was last week! 



Sandy shared how she has been re-doing her sewing area. When asked to describe what it looked like (past tense) she said…”the room looked like it threw-up.” Now that is a description. Following are pictures of how Sandy has re-organized.


Notice the spring rods in the bookshelf. They hold fusible web, freezer paper, etc. Sandy even has tags to describe what is on the rod. Great idea!!


Most of us use a surge protector power strip and have to stoop down to turn it off. Sandy found this container at the $ store, cut out the end, hung it on her wall above the ironing board with the “Command” hooks. Now she just has to push the button on/off!


Sandy has her pre-cuts in one of the twelve drawers.


She makes use of different containers…I think something like cream puffs come from the frozen food dept…perfect for nicely folded fat quarters. No, the cream puffs are gone.


I was witness to what the closet “used” to look like….kind of like how Sandy described her quilt space…


These shelves were found and put up. Clear canning jars hold threads, which used to be hidden in drawers, baskets with threads on cones, rulers hung for quick access. Good job Sandy!!

Mb sent a few pictures of how she keeps her threads. Plastic is sewn together and she can insert the threads for safe keeping, dust free and easily accessible.

IMG_3561 IMG_3562



Stephanie with her Menorah  quilt  and


Kingfisher bird with fish in it’s beak. Very clever.

Pat with her hand made scarf. Anne typing in notes and Jim observing it all!

Pat with her hand made scarf. Anne typing in notes and Jim observing it all


Anne quilted this on her Sweet Sixteen…a panel quilt of Elsa and Anna from Frozen.



 This panel is made of fleece.


Carol (hiding behind the quilt) shared this scrappy quilt she made. It was a block of the month quilt and the first time Carol inserted “piping” around the border. It is called Amish with a Twist. Her son will get this quilt.


Lots of beautiful quilting.


Annick with a twist on a double wedding ring. This was made to commemorate her and Robert’s 10th wedding anniversary.


Annick made this award winning challenge quilt …in a negative “film” format (note the sprockets on each side). She used yarn for the tree.


Kim’s little winter mug rug and…


…matching table runner.


Kim embroidered, by hand, this cute little piece.


Anne shares her quilt for a young friend.


She is making a top from her mother’s down comforter…


An eBay find made of squares and half square triangles! What a find.


Marie’s finished braided table runner made from one of Jenny’s patterns. Just click on the link. I used the mini-half hex.


Falling Triangles…another MSQ pattern and sooooo easy! I made this for my niece upon her graduation after a long fight with drug addiction. The triangles represent how scattered life can become but through the grace of God and hard work, the pieces get pulled together in a beautiful design. Life is surrounded and bound by the love of family and friends.